Fluid Imagination

written and curated by Kyle Callahan

Haiku #7


“it’s your turn to speak”
scared smile shaky hands flushed cheeks
scared shitless: still speaks

Haiku #6


“look at me, dada!”
her little face dunks in lake
“i’m brave” — she’s so brave

Haiku #5

Classroom Walls

these four classroom walls
outside: cool breezes and sun
tick tock tick tock tick

Haiku #4


august orange moon
“wow,” I say, “look at that moon.”
her eyes: dark night blues

Haiku #3


dark premonition
intelligent rodents run
still the falcon feasts

Haiku #2

wake to chilly morn
swim in summer’s afterglow
the first day of school.

Haiku #1


the ocean waves roll
haiku sandcastles fall down
let’s build one again